Alexander Plooij: You let my creative energy flow again. I reread your report from august on New Year's Eve. Incfredible: the report corresponds exactly with what I have now discovered in myself again.

- sessie

Dear Isabelle, Words fail to describe your talent. We met in August after I asked you for advice when I was quite off balance. My work over the years had taken its toll and I had completely lost any feelings and creativity. For the past few years, and certainly the last two years, I’ve been on a mental rollercoaster that had no beginning and no end and I slowly began to capsize if I hadn’t already. In the back of your garden, sitting at your table with a lovely large mug of steaming coffee in my hand, my journey began. You let me tell my story completely without prejudice and you listened carefully. Your open mind was disarming and when you shared your first reflections with me, it immediately made me very happy. Some time later we decided to continue our conversation in the park close to your home. Walking in the park, I continued my story while you kept listening attentively. The atmosphere was extremely relaxed. Searching, watching and digging you tried to get to the core of my essence by asking me various questions. And, at a certain point you saw the light and were able to define my ‘qualities and talents’ precisely. A few days after our conversation, I received an extensive letter from you detailing what you had felt about me and what my specific talents and qualities are. In the months after our session I still kept searching and digging for the core in me that you described so well. During those months you continued to answer my flood of questions faithfully, patiently, inspiringly and purely. This period was apparently necessary to get my creative energy flowing again. All the while you stayed by my side, providing support, reflection and sometimes a small correction. In all honesty, I had kind of forgotten your August letter in my process and it had faded into the background as a result. Until this morning on December 31st it started to flow for me again and I started to feel it gently again. I felt my creative and artistic energy again. I experienced subtle beauty and balance, but now with the difference that I know what I feel and what I see. After the session with you in August I intended to report on my pleasant experiences with you as a coach to share with you, but that took a while because I was not yet finished with my own process. I first had to go through a personal trajectory to land in myself, to discover for myself what my specific talents and qualities are. On New Year’s Eve I looked up in my e-mail the report you had written for me in August. And you know what is so special, the report corresponds one to one with what I have now discovered in myself again. It matches completely! The circle is now complete. Dear Isabelle, I want to thank you very much for the loving and steadfast guidance during the past months. Very special! Thank you! Alexander Plooij Connecting Fields